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Middle Eastern Bookstore is a bookstore dedicated to providing the very best for its customers. We understand you love for literature and make sure we are stocked with a wide variety of genres for your fleeting fantasies and flourishing knowledge.

If you are looking for vintage books or used books, we are the place for you. Add a couple to your collection or save some cash by browsing our second hand books. Our store associates will be able to give you recommendations for those unsure of their next book fix. If your little one loves those animated pictures and colors, we also sell children’s books so you can cultivate your child’s love for reading. Bring your son or daughter down to our bookstore and let them search through our collection and pick out their favorites.

We have it all here, from hardcover books and paperback books in stock, you’ll be sure to find new and old favorites. If you love books then stop by our bookstore or call Middle Eastern Bookstore in Dearborn, MI today! We’ll be sure to find something that you’ll love.

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